Yesterday marked the start of what may be a very strange season, when a BHC side took to the field for the first time since lockdown in a friendly at Ben Rhydding, so this felt like a good point to start with the regular Sunday morning update. We won , 6-3 against a blended BRHC 1’s and 2’s – what great way to start a season.

Here’s what we know about the likely pattern of getting back to hockey:


Thanks to all who have worked on the documentation and processes we need to have in place to meet the required conditions from EH and BGGS to get back on the pitch. The school have now cleared us to resume training and game play within covid guidance and restrictions, but will not grant us access to the toilets. Lesley is kindly looking into portaloos (!) as an option.


Our intention is to return to training imminently (this week or next, watch this space). It was fairly apparent from yesterday’s game that stick and ball skills come back pretty quickly, though lung and muscle capacity takes a little longer, so to reduce the risk of muscle tears or respiratory difficulty, the sooner we can offer training the better.


The majority of players have signed up through the EH Participation link, though there are a few missing. I’ll email squad leads separately with lists so you can do a bit of chasing up of those still to sign up.

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